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EMR Software and EHR Software for Doctors - Make Your Practice Efficient and Paper Free

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If you're a doctor, you owe your patients the best care you can provide. TidyDoc will help your practice reach new heights and help your patients to receive the best care possible.

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Welcome to TidyDoc: EMR Software / EHR Software for the Busy Doctor

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This site, software, source code and domain names are for sale. TidyDoc represents the only fully open-source written, enterprise-scalable, web-based EMR with an outstanding interface written by a busy physician with links to billing, e-prescribing and more -- all very easily customizable using everyday programming.
>> Interested? E-Mail us and make an offer -- many practices pay $25,000-$250,000 per year for an EMR and still aren't happy. Let TidyDoc's amazingly usable interface sell itself!


No more forms! With TidyDoc software, your doctor can have access to your patient information in just seconds. Your patient profile allows your doctor to spend more time on you and less time on finding paperwork.
Patients/Consumers: Register FREE with TidyDoc and have your patient data travel wherever you go... No more forms!
Doctors use TidyDoc software to create an e-Chart (electronic chart) for each of their patients. This e-Chart allows the doctor to easily find important items, keep track of patient events and procedures, and keep up with ongoing patient needs. Doctors: Save thousands each year and provide better patient care with TidyDoc software
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 TidyDoc Software: Making the e-Chart a Reality

 With TidyDoc's easy to use and low cost EMR/ EHR consulting and software, turn virtually any practice into a computerized, efficient, and productive paper-free practice.

  • Imagine have your entire patient chart or record right at your fingertips -- from home, at the office, or even wirelessly! Imagine cleaning up billing problems, reducing patient wait time and increasing the number of patients you can see in a day! All while providing your patients with better care.
  • Imagine generating correspondence to referring doctors or writing prescriptions with just one click of the mouse. Imagine not having to sort through a huge mound of paper just to locate recent information.
  • Don't imagine any longer -- with easily-accessible and easy-to-use software and hardware that works on virtually any computer, running any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux and more), the choice is clear - switch to TidyDoc EMR software and Practice Management software today!

    TidyDoc is the electronic medical record
              solution YOUR practice needs.

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